• Syndic de copropriété à Bordeaux

Our 10 engagements

  1. To manage your building in accordance with the legal and lawful provisions, in the respect of the recommendations of the commission Relating to joint ownership.
  2. To guarantee the transparency of the whole of the remunerations specified by the contract of syndic.
  3. To introduce at the trade union joint owners comparative annual of the estimated loads of the current year and real loads of the previous year.
  4. To ensure quality, the effectiveness and the rigour of the professional team responsible for the management of your building.
  5. To answer as soon as possible at the requests of information and the complaints relating to the common parts and common equipment of your building.
  6. To place at the disposal of all new joint owner, the small memo of the joint owner, handbook of the rules of operation of joint ownership.
  7. You to propose a standard contract adapted to your building.
  8. To inform the joint owners of the work necessary to the good conservation of the building, and to negotiate in all transparency the estimates, contracts and gone in dialogue with the trade-union council.
  9. To associate the trade-union Council the management of joint ownership and the preparation of the general assemblies.
  10. To inform the joint owners of the existence of the code of ethics and deontology worked out by the FNAIM and to subject themselves to the whole of its rules intended to protect the consumer.